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Last Update: July 21, 2020

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"Dispatches & Messages to the Front" is the page for official news, messages, addresses & dispatches from the Chief of the Armies (CoA) to the various Confederate Armies & Officers.

I wasn't sure what would be the easiest way to get news & messages to all commands. The CSA HQ subforum on the overall Club Forums requires people to login to read it. Emailing everyone can present issues such as formatting, messages not getting to officers or being bounced back, email systems blocking other systems and also chain reply messages. So my thought was a website was the easiest way to get the info out, while also making it accessible to all officers, without requiring a log in et al. I know it isn't direct contact with the members per say, but please feel free to email me anytime. I have a very open door policy. We want to make your time in the Club well spent.

I will post messages here and then have the two Army Commanders email their forces with a link to the most recent message. I hope this way we can keep everyone informed, while cutting down on issues related to communication & email systems.

My Best,

General Scott Ludwig

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