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Updated on July 4, 2021


French & Indian War Scenario Downloads

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Early American War's

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French and Indian War

Nick Ferry's CCC FIW Mod Pack (*** New/Updated June 21, 2021 ***)

New Modification Pack for FIW: This package contains modification to the game. The changes in each folder listed are:

- Contents of "Map" folder: 3D Symbols heavily reworked to reflect the 1776 version. Ground casualty figures hand painted to reflect period-accurate French and British uniforms.

*** Be sure to use this pack with the below Map and Sounds Pack from Nick as well ***


Nick Ferry's CCC Map and Sounds Pack

New Map and Sounds Modification Pack for the EAW Series: This package contains modification to the game. The changes in each folder listed are:

3D Ground files are EzJax's, but their color levels have been altered to reflect more the vegetation of North America.
Remaining 3D files (with the exception of 3D Units) have been completely reworked, adjusted, tinkered with. Crops have been allowed to grow a few more months. The 3D files contain original hand painting in Photoshop, and work sampled from other mods.

For both pack's Nick would like to give credit to the following: EzJax, Ralf Konnertz, Neil Henderson, Philippe, Ross Kennedy and 3D Units files taken directly from the EAW Updates section on the JTS Website.

Note: If you downloaded the Hand Painted 3D maps mod from JTS, you'll need to temporarily relocate the Hand Painted 3D maps from the "Maps" folder. The EAW Series does not have the option to turn them off in the game.

See Nick's post in the The Colonial Tavern about these two great Mods!



SDC300 - 303 Battle of Culloden Package - FIW - Jack Hipkins -- Here are four new scenarios for FIW, an historical Battle of Culloden and three variants of Culloden.

Culloden_a: The Battle of Culloden, April 16, 1746. Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army of Scots highlanders attacked an English army led by the Duke of Cumberland. Charles Stuart's hopes of gaining the throne of England vanished in the reeking smoke on Drummossie Moor.

Culloden_b: This variant supposes that the Scots had been better fed and sheltered before the battle. Their army strength is increased abov e the value of the historical scenario.

Culloden_c: This variant supposes that the MacDonalds had been given their "rightful" place on the right of the battle line. Because of this honor they fight with increased vigor (their moral goes up).

Culloden_d: This variant combines the changes in variants "b" and 'c". The Jacobite army is in greater strength with a highly motivated Clan MacDonald leading the charge.

SDC304 - 305 Alternate Braddock's Defeat - FIW - Al Amos -- An alternate style scenario packet covering Braddock's Defeat. As you will see it was a precursor to my 'CCC on Campaign in 1776' style of pdt, map and oob styles. This is for those people who liked that experiment.

SDC306 Beau-Joust! - FIW - Al Amos -- 10:00 am June 10th, 1755 -- What if -- The English and French have decided to make Acadia the primary theater of war. Consquently reinforcements land in Halifax and Louisbourg. The first order of business is to decide who controls the Isthmus of Chignecto. Both sides gather at thier respective forts: Lawrence and Beausejour.

SDC307 - Taliwa - FIW - Scott Reed -- The Cherokee and Creek had been skirmishing for many years over disputed territory in what is now Northeastern Georgia. Most of the fighting had been typical for the period in that small war parties would conduct raids. However, in 1755 this all changed at Taliwa where a large Cherokee force led by Oconostota met and defeated a numerically superior Creek force. This battle settled the existing boundry dispute and the Creek would never again exert contol of territory east of the Chattahoochee river. This battle is historically significant for another reason, and that is the story of Nancy Hart, or Nan-Ye-Hi. her husband, Kingfiser, was killed in this battle while she was biting bullets to make them more deadly for Cherokee muskets. After she saw her husband killed by the Creek, she picked up his musket and led the Cherokee in a war chant and rallied the warriors around her. She was later made a Cherokee War Chief after the battle.

SDC308 - Occupied! - FIW - Al Amos -- 9:00 am May 3rd, 1755. *Hypothetical* Briitsh General Webb leads his column of over 4,000 men to remove the French presence on the Life River, thereby cutting the line of communications between French held Louisianna and New France. To do so though he must oust the 1,000 man garrison out of Fort Henri.

SDC309 - IA Uprising Round 2 - FIW - Rich Hamilton -- A custom scenario designed specifically for the tourney's use. Proved to be pretty balanced. Played on a custom map created by Al Amos.

SDC310 - 312 - Blenheim - FIW - Rich White -- Three varients for the battle of Blenheim that took place on the 13th of August 1704. You can also used this altered Units.bmp file with this download.

SDC313 - Company Level Aboukir2 - FIW - Rich White -- A company level scenario for the 2nd battle of Aboukir (1801) using the FIW engine. No Nappy graphics at this point, so the files can go straight into the main FIW folder without over-writing any files.

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1776/1812/FIW Graphics - \FIW - Atle Jenssen -- Updated 03/16/03 -- Extract these files to your main game directory, being sure to choose the "Use folder names" option. They will then go into the proper sub-folders.

FIW Graphics - \FIW\info & \map - Neil Henderson -- Extract these files to your main game directory, being sure to choose the "Use folder names" option. They will then go into the proper sub-folders. Included are: 3DSymbols 100 and 3DSymbols 50, New leaderbox and unitboxes and a new units bmp.

Alt Campaign Graphics - \FIW\campaign - Thomas Wulfes -- Extract these files to your main game directory, being sure to choose the "Use folder names" option. They will then go into the proper sub-folder. Included are campaign situation images for the WW, OO and EF campaigns.

Map Package - FIW - Al Amos -- A package of custom maps for the FIW game. A scenario designers special. ;o)

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